Marie Bilodeau weaves stories for public performances and for print. A storyteller since 2005, she mostly tells original stories, or myths adapted to our modern sensibilities (e.g. – I may be a maiden and I may be in distress, but I’m still going to beat you with my sharp wit) and technologies (e.g. – dark Russian fairy tale now takes place on Facebook). She has performed in most of Canada: so far only the Maritimes have eluded her. Some of her performance stories have been turned into podcasts, and one was included in The Podthology, a Dragon Moon Press anthology.

Marie is also a published sci-fi/fantasy author. Her novels include the Heirs of a Broken Land trilogy (Princess of Light, Warrior of Darkness and Sorceress of Shadows), and the science-fantasy Destiny's Blood, which has been shortlisted for a 2011 Aurora Award. Robert J. Sawyer, dean of Canadian science fiction, has called her a “new Canadian author to keep an eye on.” For more information, please visit