Mentions in the Press: Ottawa-based author Marie Bilodeau nominated for Aurora Award (by Mitch Vandenborn) (May 23, 2011): "Bilodeau... has become one of Canada’s most promising science fiction and fantasy writers."

Prix Aurora Awards: Marie Bilodeau nominated for Best English Novel for Destiny's Blood.

Canadian Review of Literature in Performance: Ottawa Scene Review (by Luna Allison): "The Kymeras performance troupe is a unique presence in the Ottawa scene. . . skilled, crafty and just so damn charming." (Feb 18, 2011)

Xdestination: Kymeras – Poetry, Storytelling, and Music All in One! (by Allison Armstrong) (Feb 4, 2011)

Ottawa Tonite: A Loving Ode to a Warrior Queen (by Nichole McGill) (Jan 25th, 2011)

On The Warrior Queen: Chasing Boudicca: "Amazing show! Totally worth coming all the way from Toronto for!" - Robert J. Sawyer (Jan 20, 2011)

“The audience was absolutely mesmerized -- there were occasional gasps or chuckles (there was some funny stuff), but in general it was utterly silent and focused. Not a cough. Not a whisper.” - Russell Hunt (Jan 21, 2011)

CHUO: Click Here, Jan 19, 2011: Ruthanne, Kate and Marie talk warrior queens.

CBC Radio, January 2011: Kate jumps feet first into storytelling at the Ottawa Storytellers Festival's Story Slam (hosted by Ruthanne!)

Marie's interview on CKCU's Special Blend, August 30th 2010

CBC Radio, All In A Day, August 19th, 2010: Marie on the launch of Destiny's Blood.